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About Reedsburg Hardwoods

Reedsburg Hardwoods is the company’s largest dry kiln facility, processing large volumes of Northern Black Walnut, Northern White Oak, Northern Red Oak, and Hickory, with lesser amounts of the other Northern species.

Reedsburg Hardwoods strives for the highest quality standards in the industry by utilizing the latest technologies on equipment. Our state of the art drying systems assure a well-conditioned and stress-relieved product. They also guarantee richer color and uniformity of moisture content and also guard against kiln defects, such as sticker stain. The result is a flatter, more usable, high yield product. Our automated stacking/destacking ensures the straightest, flattest boards, which in turn protects and enhances the appearance of the boards when packed. It is measured with a state-of-the-art VisionTally system that ensures accuracy in tally.  Once the lumber is dry and stress-relieved it is shipped to manufacturers and distribution yards across the country and around the world.